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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Celetics Celeb Siting

There were these two girls sitting on the sideline next to the Nets. They got up and I took note on how well dressed/slightly overdressed they were for a basketball game. Who wears heels to a game? When they came back after halftime, Karen, my perpetual basketball buddy, and I both asked each other "who's daughters do you think they are?".

And then it dawned on me. It was Jojo (and a friend, with her parents sitting behind her). She's from Massachussetts. She's really cute and I immediately texted Shaka that he needs to date her. She was as into the game as we were and was super nice to all the starstruck kids and floor moppers who asked to say hi and for a pic. Larry Bird she is not.

But the real reason she was there was for the Akon concert after the game. I'm not an Akon fan, unlike Mike who really missed out on an impressively entertaining show. He brought out little hoodrats from the bleechers and girls (BTW, the Celtics dancers, while always making be feel good about my body because they are comprised of 90% "skinny fat" girls, cannot dance when not choreographed). He also brought out some older guy and had the girls wind on him, like he did to some white woman who was loving it.

Anyway, I like Jojo because she keeps it real for the people. Other than the little debacle at Hyde in LA last week ("I went for cookies & milk"), she's a good teen role model. Not like I wasn't going to clubs underage and doing all sorts of age-inappropriate things when I was 15 or 16. As long as she doesn't make it public, that's all that she needs to do to maintain my respect.

As if she needs it, I don't buy her albums.


Dear Nicole,

Sorry I haven't written in so long, I've been super busy! Anyway, I wanted to say that I totally know who your MySpace blind item is! I've been thinking about dropping her too because I wasn't really feeling the dress I wore to the GQ Man of the Year Awards (I looked so fat, ugh!).

So did you hear I hung out with Paris and Britney(!)? How come you won't come around when Britney is around? She's crazy fun and will do anything we tell her to (like not wear panties when wearing a dress - such a great way to keep in the press!!! I don't know why you never do it).

Well, come to Hyde with me next week. We'll party like old times.



p.s. Remember this day? Wink, wink.

Tomorrow Is December

And it was 65 fucking degrees today! Madness!

What is going on? Apparently, the Honolulu tradewinds stopped blowing, or something to that effect. Or El Nino. Potato/Patoto. It happens every couple years or so they say.

What does this mean? The Northeast is supposedly going to experience a "Pacific Northwest" winter with milder temps and lots 'o rain.

Do I believe this? No. I think it's the combination of global warming and the fact that daylight savings is an antiquated theory. The seasons have shifted. Which, unfortunately, means that I'm predicting it'll snow into April. The past few years it has, so maybe it'll snow into May. If I'm right, I'm more observant than every weather forecaster/meteorologist out there.

This will be my first full winter in New England. Because it isn't snowing and should have 5 jillion times already since October, I really want it to snow. If it were snowing, I'd be cursing a lot more. New England winters without snow is like taking Seasonale for birth control. There's something bothersome about not getting your period for 3 months, just like there's something bothersome with it being November 30th and the temperature being above 40 degrees.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Remember me? I don't know if I have the energy to discuss the past week. Here are some highlights:

- pie with Chun
- Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night at 10pm with the Roe sisters
- mashed potatoes and cheesecake and banana cream pie
- Abbey telling the world's longest, funniest story
- seeing Becky
- running into my best friend from high school that I had a devestating falling out with while she was working at the mall
- a day with Brianne
- visiting Brianne's brother, Glenn, at the nursing home (he just woke up from being in a coma for 6 months after a car accident)
- being told "shut up, bitch!" by Glenn
- getting drunk with the Lavallette kids
- convincing Jessie to meet me at a bar
- chatting with some kid that I had art class with years ago
- winning $210 at black jack in AC (yes!)

That's that. I'm working for the next week and a half and Mike FINALLY comes home from AZ on Friday, so I probably won't be posting much. But then again, every time I say that, I do.

Friday, November 24, 2006

What I'm Thankful For (A Day Belated)

love. a healthy family. old friends. new friends. best friends. book proposals. booking agents. happy nubs. sexy tails. ruffs and meows. heat. parking validations. inhalers. a car that refuses to die. laughter. blogs. low APR. massages with Brad at Beuacage. the new Tina in my life, James. business lunches. write-offs. a freelancers lifestyle. a roof deck. 2 parking spots. a great second family. Adult Swim. love notes amongst friends via text message. hugs. a future. most of all, high speed internet, which I'm lacking at the moment, which is why this has been my only post.

Gobble, gobble.

Monday, November 20, 2006


The Janus Gala for the Brattle Theatre was amazing. Over 100 people showed up on a Sunday night. Here are the highlights of the evening:

- a great looking room
- lots of pictures that will hopefully lead to some press
- Mike's whole family showing up
- the mayor of Cambridge telling me that I was the best dressed person in the room
- introducing Mike's mom to Geraldine
- meeting the very sweet founder of the Brattle, Cy Harvey
- Ivy's touching speech
- watching Uncle Douglas fiddle with the centerpiece I made because he has ADD (explains SO much about Richard)
- Mike turning down dinner with the fam in order to help me clean up (which we got out of by driving Gerladine & Pato to their hotel)
- smoking a cigarette with Geraldine (and neither of us smoke)
- Geraldine giving me flowers an admirer brought because she didn't want them to go to waste at the hotel
- Pato giving me their phone number in Miami in case I'm down there in the next few months

Pictures to post as soon as I get my hands on them! Mike and I have such crushes on Geraldine and Pato, respectively. Hopefully we'll see them again soon.

Yay hard work! Yay philanthropy! Yay success!

Vena Cava

Via text message.

My Favorite Scientist: Do u know what vena cava means?
Whitest Girl You Know: Wine Champagne?
My Favorite Scientist: No it's the largest vein in the body. There is the inferior and superior vena cava. They lead to the heart.
Whitest Girl You Know: That's really clever (in reference to the designer label). Are you studying?
My Favorite Scientist: No I'm in class. Isn't science cool?
Whitest Girl You Know: I will never forget what that means! Ur my favorite scientist!
My Favorite Scientist: I hope I can be a successful food dr scientist.
Whitest Girl You Know: You will be because ur smart and dedicated. Bonus points if you can get me to eat my veggies.
My Favorite Scientist:U'll be eating asparagus and butternut squash in no time. xoxo.

In dedication, I google imaged "my favorite scientist" and this appropriately popped up:

I love you!

Gobble Gobble

Dearest Readers (all 5 of you),

I wanted to wish you all an early Happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I am heading home where there is no high speed internet. Mike stole the laptop to watch movies on the way to rich kid diet camp (a.k.a. Canyon Ranch Arizona) so I can't even make the quick trip to somewhere with wifi. I'm sure I'll be bored at home, or the complete opposite, you never know. If AOL and dialup are on my side, perhaps we'll speak again over the next few days.

Until then, my dear readers.

The Whitest Girl You Know

4 Years Ago Today (Part 1)...

I went to pick up Michelle at work because we were going to see DJ Shadow. I was in the store after closing and one of her co-workers was wearing a hot pink shirt and trucker hat. He introduced himself because Michelle forgot to do so (which always happens to me). He was going to the show too and said that now he'll know 4 cute girls going.

The whole night I wondered where he was because my current heartbreaker was also in the audience. I wanted to flirt. I craved the attention of the opposite sex. He was cute, no? I kept bugging Michelle to check her phone. He never called. We never saw him.

That's it. I didn't fall in love at hello. I went home and continued to cry over my last (secret) affair. There was no happily ever after.

To be continued...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

On My New Crush

I was getting a pedicure today and picked up the most recent issue of Boston Common. There was something on Wally Szczerbiak - turns out he's married with 2 little kids.

He looks like he's 22! Oh well, time for a new crush.

La Excepcion

La Excepcion - Oye Compai

Suggested by Geraldine Chaplin, international actress. She thought the guy was paraplegic, but it looks more like MS or Spinal Bifida. This shit is kinda great, although I don't have a clue what they're saying. Enjoy!

One Degree of Charlie Chaplin

This evening I joined Ivy & Ned of the Brattle at dinner with Geraldine Chaplin and her husband Pato. Geraldine is being honored tomorrow night at our little shindig. Going into this, I had some presumptions (based on nothing, just my experience with other actors and celebs) that were quickly erased. She is so young in spirit (and life - I thought she would have been in her 70s), fun and not a single mention of her famous father. She lives in Switzerland and speaks English, Spanish and French interchangeably to her very handsome companion who has had an equally interesting and international lifestyle.

I spent most of the evening quiet because my film knowledge was nowhere near the caliber of the conversation. Geraldine and Pato had so many great stories like the time she gave out the Switzerland Award at the Bollywood equivalent of the Oscars (all the "heaven" scenes in Bollywood movies are filmed in Switzerland, apparently the Alps are Hindu heaven, probably because they have fatter cows). She and Pato told us how rich kids in Paris speak "in rap" (I think something got lost in translation) which eluded to a convo about La Excepcion, a Spanish gypsy rap group that is lead by a paraplegic who is carried around by the other members and occasionally drools. They sample donkey noises, which Geraldine so kindly demonstrated for us.

It was a great honor to share a meal with these two wonderful people and I look forward to seeing them again tomorrow. I bet she's going to look incredible.

Friday, November 17, 2006

XMas In Da Hood

I find Christmas to be depressing. New Year's however is the best day of year. Anyway, I've been kind of facinated by Jim Jones since I saw him the other night. Apparently, he's releasing a Christmas album.

Fuck bringing sexy back, Jim Jones is bringing Christmas back.

I may be poking fun, but it really is a wonderful sentiment he's trying to make and will most likely continue to be made fun of because of this.

In other news, Dr 90210 is on the TV and that crazy bitch who LOVES anal bleeching (I think she's in porno) is having a 3 carat diamond put in her wrist. Why? What a fucktard.

Why You Shouldn't Drink Every Night

Kim Stewart (Rod's daughter) has liver cancer.

A public service announcement from the whitest girl you know.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

On R. Kelly

Flipping through the channels and caught one of those new video previews on an MTV channel of Snoop doing a song with R Kelly. Shouldn't Snoop know better? Remember what happened with Jay-Z, Mr D-O-double G.

When I google imaged "snoop dog and r kelly", this is one of this pics that came up. Enjoy!

Is that Superhead?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Larry Bird Is A Jerk

I know that's kind of blasphemous for Boston, seeing that he's the most prevalent person to come out of this town (NKOTB and Tom Brady are up there with him...and I always forget about Aerosmith too).

Karen and I went to the Celtics-Pacers game tonight. We had kick ass seats thanks to Uncle Douglas and sat directly behind the Pacers and the announcers. So Bird is escorted to his seat a few rows back and we got kinda silly about it. The only other celeb I've ever seen at a Celtics game is Donnie Wahlberg (Mike has seen Michael Bivins of Bel Biv DiVoe). While making a bathroom run, we pass him and Karen asks if she could get his autograph. One of his 3 security guards said no and he turned and very nastily said "there's a game going on!" and angrily turned back to the game. I mentioned that he would maybe be in a better mood if the Celtics didn't suck so bad (they were 1-6 until today).

OK so I just googled his bio and he was the head coach of the Pacers for a few years in the 90s, which explains why he was there (he also went to Indiana, not UMass like Karen thought).

Well, we weren't the only people who got a rude denial or no acknowledgement. If I knew he used to coach the Pacers, I would've been more sympathetic. He could have been more polite and said after the game. Like some guy from the Pats who was sitting across the floor from us. Jim Jones was there too - I believe he's Cam'ron's "partner in crime". I only know this because there was something on him in the new issue of VICE and his picture was shot by my friend Ben Ritter.

Karen and I had a great time, the Celtics won 114-88. I don't really get into sports but it was an insanely intense game and I totally got into it. We also have a new crush, Wally Szczerbiak, who we plan to harass the next time we go to a game. $5 if you can pronounce his name right.

Look at those arms!

Bad Panda Men

As promised...

I love the look on Bogart's face - poor cat didn't know how to handle the creepy built-in ironing board. Isn't Grissom a little shit?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Slow Blogging Period

I love when people call me or email me to tell me that they read me. Conor even has me on his RSS! That makes me feel super powerful.

Anyway, life just went from 0-60 again, which will def be the case until I get to my folks place in NJ for T-Day. Then again, they live in 1997 and only have dial-up so I don't know how effective the Interweb will be. I will do my best. Pics may be minimal, but I'll try. I promise.


The Whitest Girl You Know

P.S. I know you all like pictures, so here's one - it's of Conor trying to feed Bradley champers.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


When I'm in Chicago, my most favorite thing to do is get silly and go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. The zoo is one of the last free zoos in the country and is spralled along Lake Michigan. On a nice day, it's a little piece of heaven.

Michelle is a fantastic photog, she really knows how to capture a moment (esp. the gorilla with it's finger up its ass). True Fact: Michelle's brother is a nature photog on the side and has been published in National Geographic. Along with a strong work ethic, a good eye runs in the family.


Views provided by the Evanson family, pics by Michelle.

Chicago is my 3rd favorite city in the country (Boston gets #2 by default) and possibly the world. I'd move there in a heartbeat but I could do without their winters. Or any winters.

Speaking of winter, it's near 60 degrees in Boston and a week away from T-Day. Hello, global warming. I'm sure I'll be eating my words very soon. Actually it's supposed to be 66 on Thursday. Then it'll get cold next weekend. Well, high 40s. Bearable.


The old crew reunited for the first time in the same room in 3 years. Too bad Sammy moved to Cali the next day. I love you all.

Terrible pic of me but this is love right here. We were at a bus stop in Chicago after going on safari and ate delicious cupcakes 15 minutes later.

Just When I Was About to Stop...

...I checked my email and found pics from Michelle.

International Man of Mystery

So handsome. I couldn't help myself. Note the Maverick sunglasses my cousin on the left is wearing in the background.


Caroline has a tuxedo cat named Bogart that she tends to call "Bad Little Panda Man" for the obvious reasons. I'm thinking of co-opting this term for Grissom because he won't stop eating the bamboo plants in the house. Get it? Pandas eat bamboo.

I'll post a pic the next time I catch him doing it.

What I Look Forward to the Most About T-Day

Sisters. Silliness. Charrades. Locals Only. Memories. Laughter. Mashed Potatoes. Cheesecake. Craziness. Exes (both boyfriends and best friends). Smelly Dogs. Never Really Leaving HS.

Face On the Milk Carton

Here begins a continuous series of posts where I call out to people I haven't seen/talked to in a while through cyberspace in hopes I'll find them. If I had photoshop, I would doctor up a photo of their face on a milk carton, but I won't so bear with the lame reference for now.


One of the best things that came out of college. We celebrate our bdays together (now just in spirit) since we're 9 days apart. We used to go to Good World on a regular basis and she knows the signal to hold my hair back (along with Sarah and Pratima). The only time we take pictures together is when we're drunk. She lies with good intentions and surprises you on your birthday. Notice the common theme of birthdays and being drunk. It's what we do. We also like to plan imaginary weddings together. We're both really bad at calling each other even though we don't mean to. I love you!

La Familia

Last night we had a wonderful family-style meal at Dale & Tiff's. Tiff made an impressive homecooked Italian meal (mmmm...stuffed shells) and Mike & I both drank too much. I continued my research on Boston accents (I'm perfecting my imitation so when I go home I can annoy my friends with such colloquialisms as "faht" and "cah"...there was a lot of talk about fahting last night). We watched the video from their wedding and I pretended like the sound quality was good during Mike's best man speech. I made myself hang out with the girls rather than Dale's biker buddies and felt transported back to Jersey. Prom pics, spring break pics, party pics. Too bad I wasn't in any of them. Here's a pic of the newlyweds because everyone likes to look at pictures.

Their faces express their relationship. Dale may be a Statie and a biker, but Tiff WILL kick his ass at the drop of a dime.

And here's a pic of Dawn & Jesse finding out it was a cash bar at their wedding.


Can you spraypaint suede? Will it take? Has anyone tried this?


The one thing I miss about living alone (well, having my own room) is not feeling bad about sleepless nights. Lately, whether because I'm hot/cold, having an allergy attack or waking up drunk/hungover a few hours early, I've been getting up around 4am. This is the second time this has happened this week. I like to make a valiant effort of trying to fall back asleep by tossing, turning and moaning for at least an hour. After that, I like to turn on the TV to catch the 3rd running of Adult Swim or perhaps the Family Guy or Futurama on TBS, which really are interchangeable and practically the same thing.

It might be the caffeine from the Excederin I made Mike get up to get me 2 hours ago or the blue light radiating from the power button on the TV we just got in the bedroom (which, by the way, is incredible - more on that later). Whatever it is tonight, I'm channeling it to writing dyslexic posts (if you only knew how many times I had to rewrite this), schizophrenic lists and fretting over what to get people for the holidays. The room is also slightly spinning and I have acid reflux. I guess you can call it positive anxiety or maybe productive anxiety. Too bad I won't want to do anything after I finally fall asleep.

Unsolicited Comments

Does anyone know how to stop whomever from posting "Great blog..." or "I was looking at your blog..." ads in my comments. It's fucking annoying and a shit way to spam advertise for some shitty pyramid scheme. And if those people who are such fucking losers that can't get a real job and spend all day/night posting these things on people's blogs actually read this, please stop and leave me alone. If I knew where to report you to, I would. Conor, maybe you can help me make some legal action against these serial spammers?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday, Adam G!

Speaking of favorite guys in the world, I totally fucked up and missed Adam's 25th. He needs to call me back too. We've known each other for 10 years and I love him even though I no longer get to spend Sunday afternoons taking naps with him while watching the History Channel and enjoying his home cooked meals (although his sauce is always arabiata).

Looking forwarad to seeing you over T-Day my friend. XOXO.

Here's an Adam G quiz. The winner gets the remains of my Halloween stash.

What is the name of Adam's cat that his Nana claims he killed because he didn't put the toilet lid down (or at least that's how I remember the story):

A) Mao Face
B) Whiskers
C) Samuel I Am
D) Carl Winslow
E) Adam never had a cat

Why I'm Not Aloud to Talk

Someone is dorking out.

It's one thing when Mike gets a new video game. He's usually over it within a week or two (except the time he was a magical cat - that shit lasted about 2 months). Gears of War, which he claims to be the peak of games for the 360, is his new fix.

That's fine and all, but he's playing online with Shaka. This means the two of them have headsets attached to their controllers so they can talk to each other about killing locust people. They shoot each other on accident a lot too. They're probably going to beat it before the end of the weekend (possibly the day). In celebration, we're going to see Borat (Mike is the only one who hasn't seen it because he's been so busy playing video games).

Don't get me wrong, these are 2 of my most favorite guys in the world. They're cool and funny and with it, but not-so-secretly, inside every cool guy is a little boy who loves video games, cartoons and comic books.

P.S. Shaka lives across the street. At least he isn't in the other room.

Who Does This Look Like?

Disclaimer: This is a scene from a movie called "Oh in Ohio" or something of the sort. It's not porn.

Sorry to those NSFW-watchers. Pussies.

Black Shoes

Yesterday, I went to lunch with Ivy to chat about the close-to-final details of the Janus event. Everything is going smoothly for putting this together in 4 1/2 weeks. We've been getting very kind donations along with the RSVPs, important people, like Cy Harvey, who founded the Brattle and Janus Films, are coming, and I have a kickass dress. Except the shoes...

Ivy and I began to discuss our gala garments and I opened the Pandora's box that is inside every woman's closet - shoes. On my way to lunch, I found a great pair of black suede pumps with the perfect stacked heel for $80. Needless to say I tried them on in a 6 and they were HUGE! Are my feet shrinking? Probably not, but that's the most likely reason I spend so much money on dress shoes. I can't help that I have tiny Asian feet and only specific brands actually fit. It's like fancy bras if my boobs were too small/big.

Regardless, this frustrated me and I shared this frustration with Ivy. I really want black shoes for my dress, which is a greyish purple with black velvet and a deep purple lining. I have 3 pairs of black shoes - 1 flat (that are too small and too pointy), 1 kitten heel (which aren't dressy enough) and 1 strappy stiletto (which are painfully distracting because the back strap slides down plus it's cold out and my extremities would freeze). Most of my pretty party shoes are brown or aqua or gold or anything but black. Ivy has too many red shoes and not enough black shoes. It's good to know I'm not the only one with this problem.

Anyway, I found a pair of wedges as I passed LF on my way back to my car. I bought them without thinking twice. I need to make some changes which will be time consuming yet easy. They look cute with the dress and black stockings - although I'm debating whether to do textured or sheer (I like textured, plus they're warmer). I feel good about them and don't have the need to consult my style counsel, but I am tempted to ring them up just because (PS I'm trademarking "style counsel" so no biting, bitches). I just need a haircut, a big chunky black bracelet and a cocktail ring and I'm set.

By the way, the shoes are purple.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

For the Will Ferrell Fans

This man can't do wrong.

One day I'll figure out how to post videos, but I'm only on a 5th grade blogging comprehension. Mollygood is great anyway, you should read it often like me, whenever the server will load it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You're Invited!

I really don't know why I haven't posted this earlier, like weeks ago. I'm co-chairing this event. Tickets are $150 single $250 couple $1000 for sponosor level. It's short notice, but it's important.

Guest of honor is Geraldine Chaplin (Charlie's daughter).

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For My Back-Home Girls

In HS, my friends and I were really into R&B (amongst other things). We used to go bonkers for this chick. I think I might still have the CD in the Mount Everest of boxes that is accumulating in our spare bedroom. She knew how to "Make It Hot" circa 1998. Can you guess who she is?

Fresh over at Crunk & Disorderly knows how to get a white girl reminiscing. Pic via Crunk & Disorderly via Sanda Rose.

Looks Like Common Sense Finally Kicked In

Too bad there are two children involved...

...you read it hear first! (if you actually read this)

I bet she finally listened to that douche's new album and got a clue.

Watch out for the tabloids to come in the nearest future!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Hugo!

Hugo is 4!!! When? I don't know exactly, but Pups McGrupps/Tikki Tikki/Dogman/WeeMan/Buddy/Babaganoush/BaBa Louie/Sweet Baby/Shithead/Ruff/Schnookie/Bubba is living large and about to be picked up from camp. Hug your pets for him.

Vote Tomorrow, Don't Die

I was always under the belief that Election Day was Nov 2nd every year. This could be because when I was a senior in HS back in T Rizzy, my political legal education class got the day off if we volunteered at the polls. Who wouldn't pass that up?!?

Since the polls opened 2 hours after school started, I decided to meet some friends for breakfast. I went to go pick up my ex husband (and official super sperm) Bender and decided to take the local route to IHOP. Two blocks from his house we got into a car accident that totaled my first car (sad face).

So the date November 2nd has always struck me (no pun intended) as Election Day. It's possible that it's Hugo's disputed birthday (although I think it's Nov 3rd or 4th).

On 11/2 I screamed at Mike to go vote. He didn't (rightfully so) and I told him that I hold him responsible if Deval Patrick doesn't win the MA gubernatorial race. I myself need to check up on my voter registration status (NJ-NY-MA???? where do I vote?) and luckily have the day to do so.

The moral of the story is go out and vote tomorrow. Fuck what Puffy said last year with the "Vote or Die" shit. I say, vote and don't die because I almost did one Election Day 6 years ago.


I had an amazing dinner last night. Here is what it consisted of:

2 vodka Sprites
grilled swordfish steak in pineapple sauce
macadamia nut noodles
truffle tatter tots (too much to handle)
side of mac n' cheese (delightful)
cake and ice cream

I'm really into lists right now. I'm also feeling very fat after that meal.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

To the Asiaphile Men in My Life

Japanese Buttsex

Last Minute Entry In Halloween Costume Contest

June Cleaver better watch out because I just got a late entry in my Halloween Costume Contest!!!! The lady in the red mullet is Ginger Ricky Bobby a.k.a. Patty Deegan a.k.a. June Cleaver's younger cousin.

No need for the claws to come out ladies, I have plenty of candy to go around to all of you!!!

P.S. The dude in the Hooters outfit is pretty hot, no?

Doogie = Gay

When I was in the 2nd grade, I LOVED Neil Patrick Harris. Not as much as I loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas from 4th - 7th grades (and he actually would write me back!!!). Two years after writing to his fan club, I got the standard autographed pub shot postcard "Thanks for being a fan!". I don't even think Doogie Howser, MD was even on air when I received it.

So now it turns out he's gay.

You know Doogs, you could have fooled me with that scene in Harold and Kumar when you were doing lines off that stripper's ass in Harold's stolen car. Then again, Cherry Hill is nowhere within stoner ability to get to from Hoboken. But I'm a fan of suspension of disbelief so you'll always be straight in my book.

Sidenote: My former roommate Pratima was asked by Kal Penn (Kumar) for her number at the opening of a group show she was in last year.

Drunk Blogging

I like to blog drunk. You should really try it some time...

Dear Nicole

Dear Nicole,

Your new hair color is fab. Love it! So jealous!



P.S. Rumor has it a lot of people liked you better sans Paris.

Welcome to the Blogosphere

Wanted to give a quick shout to my partner in crime and official cousin Tina (you know, cause she went to college with my real cousin - who, congratulations, got married this weekend) a warm welcome into the world of occassional blogging. Check her out here. I can't wait to comment on her's as much as she does here. And watch out for guest blogging!!!

Also in other news, the Sarah Shirley website is in the process of getting a long overdue makeover from the fantastic Aussie Spencer James. It's over a year in the making and I'm super proud of everyone involve for getting it moving!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Side Note to Boston Fashion

I just read the board on boston.com about "Is Boston a stylish city?" where there was an overwhelming and collective NO. Being somewhat involved in the miniscule fashion world within Boston, I have to say that Boston's style is dictated by retailers and expressed by those who have the charge cards to pay for it.

Recently at an event at Stel's, all the cool girls were rocking various Le Dix bags from Balenciaga. I mentioned to Mike that apparently that's what it takes to be a Boston fashionista and he told me he didn't care. Really, why should he. And no, it wasn't a ploy at getting him to surprise me with one (I've tried before and he suggested that they were over 2 years ago). I'm making a demographical guess that those Le Dix-ers most likely purchased them at the Barney's in Chestnut Hill because there is always a full supply of them (bags and shoppers).

I've always associated New England with prep and those who do it, it works. Businessmen, I get it. It's everything else that goes wrong here. Eurotrash is at its peek, I don't think there are hipsters (except at The Strokes concert) and goddammit where do these kids keep getting UFOs and Kikwears?!? It's rare that I'm impressed by an outfit in Boston. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fucking slob most of the time, especially when I'm working and have to roll around on floors or fluff egg pucks. But there really is a problem here and I'm convinced that this town needs to be re-educated. Anyone agree?

FINALLY! Something Quasi-Interesting to Talk About Boston For

The Globe has posted it's Boston's Stylish 25. I don't know what the qualifications to make this list are, probably having a good relationship with writers/contributers of this list. It's kinda lame, just like Boston's sense of style (for the most part). Here's a list of who I can get down with on the list:

23. Ken Oringer - Mike has those pants and shoes so I can't hate
22. The Rev. Dr. Gloria White-Hammond - she makes me happy
20. John Malcovich - it's fucking Malcovich, I didn't know he was a Cantorbridgean...or a fashion designer
16. Francois Bardonnet - he's French, enough said
14. Juliana Ramirez - dresses well for a baseballer's wife
12. Gary Sullivan - he's wearing a pocket square in his sportscoat, aces for me!
11. Maria Fei - who wouldn't be well dressed working for Louis?
9. Karolina Blodgett - I probably shouldn't judge any of these people on their pics but she wins if that's the case
8. Charles and Percy Stith - classic, smart and Percy makes great shirts
7. Marilyn Reisman - I can't wait to be that old and "eccentric"
6. Gretchen Monahan - I buy shoes from her
5. Lydia Rudy & Cyrille Conan - friends of a friend, they run the new Rhys Gallery, I hear they're a great couple
4. Dr Tonya Chen Mezrich - sexkitten
3. Tom Brady - please refer to my post "Progressive Do-Gooding"
2. Amanda Palmer - she's in the Dresden Dolls and has the coolest eyebrows

Ok, so it would probably be shorter if I listed those I wouldn't be able to get down with, but I'm not trying to mudsling anyone. Most of those not on my list are fine, just nothing special, lots of black or just bad pictures. Boston is a small town and I don't want to offend the wrong person.

Watch out next year though. Mike and Shaka will surely be on the list. And me if I'm lucky (doubt it!).

P.S. Jon and Tina from Stel's should have made this year's list for sure!!!

It's Official

I hate FireFox. I really do. It f-ed up Blogger and enables Gmail Chat, which I HATE (!!!), and does nothing for me. I'll take Safari any day. The cat likes to walk across the laptop all the time and although it's cute, he royally screwed the set up for Safari. For some reason yesterday it wasn't working at all and I had to resort to using the slower, more aggrivating FireFox. It's great for PCs but flatout sucks for Mac.

Pimpin' Content

I love DListed. I read it compulsively. However, in recent days there have been these weird double lines under random words in posts. If you scroll over them something pops up from Content Link. Annoying, yes. Stupid, yes. Profitable, probably not so much. But misinforming?

Yes. There's a post about some American Idol loser saying that Nicole Richie can call her anytime to talk about her eating disorder (why would Nicole ever want to do that? didn't this girl's 15 minutes end like 2 years ago once she got booted off that shit show?). The word bulimia is underlined and when you scroll over it, it says "How To - Bulimia". Is that fucked up morals or what? No offense to Michael K (no, not my BF, the bitch in charge at DListed), I'm sure it was a snafu on Content Links part.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear Boston, Step Up Your Game

I apologize to my Boston affiliates, all 5 of you, for writing so much about New York. New York is home to me (even if I was born across the river) and I miss it but I do love Boston. I wouldn't be here if it was as bad as I sometimes pretend it to be. It's just a different world.

A big factor in my lack of Boston posts is because there's a severe lack of interesting stories in Boston media. Boston-based blogs are slow to update (hmmm, that could explain a lot on my end) and along with the mags (I don't read the papers), most content revolves around politics.

Which reminds me, tomorrow is election day. Vote (...for Deval Patrick). Or don't. I'm not Diddy, I ain't gon' kill you if you don't. I don't even know if I'm registered in the state of MA. I am a resident though.


That's hello in Borat-speak.

I'm heading to East Hampton, Long Island for my cousin Matt's wedding on Friday. It's going to be a jam-packed weekend that includes an auto ferry ride, finding my long lost parents and eating dinner with them in a strange locale, watching the Borat movie with my cousins from Florida (if it's playing in the Hamptons, which it might not because it's so anti-Semetic) and getting drunk with the rest of my family for the rest of the weekend. There will probably be some jigging done, because that's what we do at weddings because we're Irish. We jig.

I'm particularly psyched about seeing Borat. I don't think I've been this excited to see a movie since The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Not Really News, or What Makes NY Mag Readable

El Sombrero is no longer doing take out margaritas. This happened in 2004 but they started up again once the hype died. I've never had a more potent margarita. Rumor has it they are made of tequila, dishwater and lemon juice. Still the best place to get cheap pitchers ($20 last time I was there) and I can still outdrink most (Mike not included).

I love Gawker and the new editors finally stepped it up since the guest editors have been a bit of a snooze lately. While they are also obviously ranting on about former college acquaintances like me (like EVC, this chick doesn't deserve more attention then the Gawker post), they've continued to make their intern comment on NY Mag's Look Book, this week delivered in video form. This dude should be voted into their Douchebag Hall of Fame. He's the epitome of a perpetrator and couldn't be crying for approval any harder. If you don't feel like watching the video, the comments say it all, including a jab at "hith lithp". You should really watch it to fully understand the fullness of his douchebaggery.

Finally, money is the topic of this week's issue of New York and there are some great articles that had me absorbed for hours today. It hit a nerve with me, starting with the article about how money can get between friends whether they realize it or not. I can relate on all ends of the situation. There's also a terribly heartbreaking article about a guy who makes $10/hr as a security guard. I could only hope that someone who can offer this poor guy a better job reads this article. The wealth discrepancy in NYC is outta control and this issue covers it all. Check check it.

Halloween Costume Contest Winners!!!

Ladies winner, Sarah Shirley as June Clever

And for the fellas, Christian Bantigue as MegaMan

These lucky kids will receive a complimentary trick or treat packages from me and will hold the reign of Mr & Mrs Halloween 2006. Let's see what they can think of next year! Congrats and thanks for playing!