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Friday, August 01, 2008

This is why people think Jersey is trashy

This is pretty fucking hilarious. I grew up on on the Shore and have spent significant amounts of time at the Surf Club where this was filmed (my dad did all the original plumbing or something like that, so I spent a lot of time "guarding" the bathrooms while he fixed shit when I was little). Granted, the guido comes from everywhere, and apparently it is no longer just an Italian infliction. I'd like to point out with the exception of one dumb broad from Toms River, these people are all from north Jersey. 

And I'd also like to point out to all you fake hautey hipster-types with fake IDs that have ruined nightlife in NYC, that your precious Princess Coldstare is also from Toms River. This is no diss on her - it's just to point out that the girl that currently embodies "it" worldwide is from where these douchebags go on vacation.

I never understood why people vacationed where I lived while growing up. I still don't, especially if you're not one of these asswads. These people are the reason why NJ gets the worst wrap and why I'm not so proud of where I come from.



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