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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Making Time (Happy Bloggerversery)

It's something I'm not always good about. But it's something I'm learning to do, one piece of life at a time. And for the record, I'm multitasking with this making time thing by catching up on episodes of Weeds on demand (Can't wait to see the Olsen!).

365 days ago, I started this. For whatever reason, I can't sleep the night before my birthday. Maybe it's the inner 10 year old who still gets excited for "my day". Maybe it's a touch of fear from getting older. I think it has something to do with lunar cycles and planetaey alignment. I actually watched something on the Discovery Channel about deadly gamma rays that burst off the sun, so maybe that could have something to do with it.

Well, maybe the gamma rays have something to do with my inability to post since July. So here's a brief recap of what's been going on...I haven't decided whether I'm going to post pics at the moment cause I'm lazy and just drank sleepy tea.

In July I went to Miami with Michelle. I got severe sunburn, disrupted sleep and hung out with Mike's boy Matt Foley a lot. He took care of the entertainment. When I got home, I had one of the shittiest weeks of my life, which was thankfully only a week. My friend Lizzie moved to San Francisco too, which added to a bummy week. But then the French kids were in town. And by French I mean mostly Swiss, plus Matt Foley. We took them shopping and we went dancing and I finally met MC Yogi. I don't remember if I mentioned that my friend Sasha got married in an elaborate Russian wedding at the beginning in July. I also had a terrible stomach problem, possibly food poisoning.

By August, I was a week deep in a month-long job where I met uber-assistant Adam. He can deal with me pointing and telling him where to move things while telling long winded stories and still likes me enough to rub my shoulders when I whine. Mike and I had an awesome 18 hour trip to Lenox just to go swimming (it was cold!) and we went to the ICA another weekend. As soon as my big job wound down, I was off to Palm Springs for the wedding of Ting Poo and Casey Price. I won the Andover Class of 96 chicken fight tornament, although I couldn't challenge Jesse and Dawn, who were in Morocco (next year, guys). After being home for 4 days, it was back to the Delta Red Carpet Club as Mike and I headed to DC for lots of babies. Mike's friend Alan and his wife Alima had a baby boy on August 5th (?) named Amos and because Alima is from Burkina Faso and they are Muslim, they had a baby naming ceremony. Everyone we missed at the wedding came to the naming ceremony and we had a wonderful weekend.

So far in September, I met my cousins JP and Caroline's new daughter Ellie, while in DC. We also went to the Spy Museum, which had an awesome interactive exhibit which was slightly offensive in a right-wing sort of way. It would of been better if our "secret agent leader"-type tour guide wasn't overweight and a bad actress. After 4 more days back at home, I was off to NJ with Hugo to see my folks before heading up to NYC to work a week with Sarah. I kicked ass and wrote and wrote and wrote and feel like the gears started going. A quick night out on the town where we celebrated an elopment and "Junior" with sushi and I saw Mercedes for a birthday drink and Richard came home from Paris and I smoked his gross cigarettes. After a brief trip back to the Jerz, I am here, waiting to fall asleep...