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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Thing About Print Media

I'm a firm believer that print media is a dying breed. There will always be a need to have something tangible to hold, carry, tear apart, which is why I don't ever think fashion magazines will ever go away. However, newspapers are declining in ad rates, bleeding money and news on the internet is instantaneous and becoming more relevant. Occasionally, I read the paper, usually if I come across the NY Times on a Sunday (I couldn't put the magazine down this past weekend) or I'm back home in NYC because the Post used to be part of my unhealthy diet that also included bagels, Quik and pizza (how I miss it all!).

So, another Gawker post talks about the potential downfall of newspapers because of web advertising, but has a rebuttal that projects internet advertising will never make up the difference in ad dollars. It's an interesting point to a conversation that I was having with Mike's dad over the weekend. Will newspaper publishers push their technology in the right direction and create advertising opportunities that will appeal to companies who are afraid to part with their ad budgets for non-traditional media?



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