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Saturday, December 08, 2007

You Would Think It's A Full Moon

But it's not.

Insomnia has struck again. After crashing at 10pm after a delicious dinner of fondue (with potatoes, pretzels and my ill attempt at being healthy, broccoli) and pig out session with Mike on the Chanukah basket his aunt and uncle sent over, I awoke at 1:35. Mike was still up and I think I was under the impression we would watch a movie or something. Wrong.

So here I am, with ideas flowing through my brain and a small dog curled up on my side. Let's see what will be thought of tonight...


Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Blogger Alert

She's been doing Live Journal for years, now my dearest life partner Caroline has started a blog. Full of industrial music references I only know because of her, fetish pics and her ebay bids, her blog is a darker, more intellectual version of mine.

Pills, Power Tools and Party Dresses


Ghostface this, Ghostface that, Ghost on crack...

This guy showed up at my door the other day. It's Mike's new BFF, the Ghostface doll, which comes with 24K gold accessories. I've been hearing about this thing for ages and someone claimed they'd have them at Magic in Vegas last summer, which they didn't (nor did Ghost himself, in the flesh, show up...LIES!!!). He's sitting across the promo poster that's always been in our kitchen of Ghost making pancakes in a Versace bathrobe.

I've yet to listen to the new Ghostface album, as well as the new Wu album, but this shit is AMAZING! Life According to Ghost. Check it!

"Wash your face before you wash your nuts, you've been doing it backwards all these years..."


Blogging as Procrastination

I can't really admit to being busy. I have, however, driven 1500 miles in the past two weeks, not including what I racked up for work (which reminds me...). Headed back home a lot, home meaning both Jersey and NYC. Achilles now officially has a crash pad on Mott St. Very apropos. It might have the cleanest bathtub south of Houston, thanks to me. I've also had about 2 colds in the same amount of time. Regardless, I should also be out doing returns for work but decided to wait for the delivery of some ridiculous Chinese chest from Mike's parents instead. There's always tomorrow...