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Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Favorite Deli in All of NYC, No Joke

Around the corner from the Sarah Shirley, Inc. headquarters in the Financial District is Sarah and my favorite deli, Cordato's. When I was working at Sarah's, I'd order a bagel and chocolate milk every day from there. It was always fun when Sarah and I would go in there and she'd have a convo with the guys behind the counter, who were mostly Mexican along with some Greek guys at the register. It's your typical hole-in-the-wall place with anything and everything you could ever think about. They even deliver you pizza late at night when you're too stoned to walk further then a block and always appreciate when you answer the door in a bikini and heels. I wonder if the delivery guys recruit for the strip club in the back?

This is for you Tina!


Libertine for Target

Don't waste your time.

Was surprised to see it in stores already. Not like the Target I go to regularly is a particularly nice one, but the bit of selection they did have was blah. The fabrics felt cheap and the cuts looked boxy, exactly what I would expect from any major big box retail collaboration. But Proenza was so amazing! Not to knock Libertine, but this stuff is straight out of 2003. Skull and bird prints galore, most of which are illy placed.

This makes me wonder, is there a bigger promo/ad push depending on how hot a ticket the designers are? Or who they're backed by (Proenza Schoeler is now partially owned by Valentino, a very recent development)?


Saturday, July 14, 2007

For Michelle

Der Kaiser und Der Simpsons! Fantastik!

Danke dlisted.com

Yeah, I Know

It's summer, what do you expect? And by you, I mean no one because I don't think anyone reads this. Whatevs.

Been feeling really shitty lately and have been under the suspicion that I'm fighting off a mild case of e. coli. Unfortunately, it's been 2 weeks and I still feel a bit craptastic. Only if MassHealth would get back to me about my insurance status, maybe I would have gone to the doctor by now.

Went to Lenox for the 4th and had a nice, relaxing time. Mike had some friends in town before we jetted to Brooklyn for 18 hours for my friend Sasha's wedding. She was the most beautiful bride. I cried, but I cry at every wedding. Too bad my stomach was doing backflips the whole time. Note to self: One must drink the multiple bottles of alcohol provided at a Russian wedding to truly enjoy it.

Working all week then off to Brooklyn again to get up early with Michelle for a quick weekend in Miami. I know, it's like 1000% humidity at 1000 degrees down there this time of year, but I desperately need a tan (not like 3 days is gonna do much) and Michelle needs a break from her busy schedule. When I get back, I'm working for a month straight with one of my favorite stylists. Interior stuff. The paycheck will be worth it. Plus I'll be done just in time for a long weekend in Palm Springs for yet another wedding.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Since I've Been Gone...

Other then being busy in general, traveling all along the eastern seaboard, feeling sick to my stomach and getting excited for nothing in particular, I became blonde. Exciting! Does anyone even read this anymore. Probs not since I NEVER post. It's too nice out to deal with the computer, sorry.

Photos by Christian Kozowyk.