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Monday, November 12, 2007

This Week's Obsessions

(in no particular order)

iGoogle (procrastination, organized)

no, not Worcester, but Wings Over Somerville (a recent red wine adventure with Callie - a pound of waffle fries later...)

Christmas Vacation ('tis the season for family pictures!)

figuring out this new computer

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Mac Attack

It took a week for me to gain the courage to make the appointment. The previous Friday, my laptop died. She just went white. And for good. While doing returns at the South Shore Mall last week, I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for the following day. It was concluded within 13 minutes that there was no hope.

Alas, I can get a free data transfer... if I buy a new computer. I was planning on it, but not until the new year. Oh fuck it! I did it anyway (with the love of credit). So here I am, grasping Leopard and playing with new things that my last computer didn't have. However, all of my data migrated over, so no files or programs were lost in the purchase of this computer.

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