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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Almost Like Her

I've read this girl's blog on and off since Gawker ever posted the pics of the hideous shoes she bought for a Conde interview. This was the beginning of my schadenfreude (love that word) towards her because although successful in her endeavors, she has always come off as slightly naive and too-smart for fashion.

Anyway, I was bored the other day and checked out her blog and came across this gem. She drives a valid point. But I've always been self-deprecating, so how do I stop? There really is no reason to apologize for anything, except for being a bitch.

This girl also posts these hour-long radio shows she does with people from the blog network she started. Because of my current endeavor, I listed to one and got turned on to Stumble Upon. I think it's genius, especially since I have days where none of my stand-by blogs have updated (I call those weekends) and personal blogs that I read are inactive. Check, check it.



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