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Friday, February 29, 2008


Chuck & A

Razor Sharp

Adrienne saw something odd about this mobile

It was made of razor blades

Blind Item

What higher up from a super-popular website had a coke booger that was asking to be picked, tried to have a convo with me tonight?


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Anyone checking out the lunar eclipse? It peaks at midnight. Pics to come...

I gave up after that. There was no point in taking a pic of nothing. Three more years til we see another one of these.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Achilles Project opens Feb 18th!!!

FINALLY! I can stop saying "in a month".

President's Day marks a day for celebrating our great leaders. Now let's celebrate a new leader in retail. The Achilles Project will opens it's doors to the public to feature Achilles, a men's and women's contemporary boutique (think Co-Op) and Persephone, serving organic New American cuisine. A full bar serving unique and freshly made drinks (read: nothing from tap except the beer) and lounge provide the perfect place to hang out. Oh yeah! Feel free to play any of the XBox 360's (we've got Rock Band!) or the Wii.

The Achilles Project
283 Summer St
Boston, MA


Almost Like Her

I've read this girl's blog on and off since Gawker ever posted the pics of the hideous shoes she bought for a Conde interview. This was the beginning of my schadenfreude (love that word) towards her because although successful in her endeavors, she has always come off as slightly naive and too-smart for fashion.

Anyway, I was bored the other day and checked out her blog and came across this gem. She drives a valid point. But I've always been self-deprecating, so how do I stop? There really is no reason to apologize for anything, except for being a bitch.

This girl also posts these hour-long radio shows she does with people from the blog network she started. Because of my current endeavor, I listed to one and got turned on to Stumble Upon. I think it's genius, especially since I have days where none of my stand-by blogs have updated (I call those weekends) and personal blogs that I read are inactive. Check, check it.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Words I Cannot Stand

"unexpected" (in reference to 'something to look for')
"bohemian" (in reference to fashion and lifestyle)
"nipple" (it just sounds infantile)
"funky" (in reference to anything that might be edgy, fringe or not mainstream)
"skimmer" (in reference to pant length)
"trapeze" (in reference to any article of clothing)

After 4 days of fashion week, here's one to put on the burner:

"poet" (in reference to any article of clothing or overall look)

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Witching Hour

Car and I went to Salem for the first time together.

We should have gone to the Witches' Dungeon instead. They did have an awesome wax Satan though.

We were told the House of Seven Gables (or whatever it's called) was haunted. Nope, it's not. And I was really disappointed when I learned what a gable was.

It was really pretty though, even in the dead of winter.



Bunny Back East

Caroline came to town.

She took these amazing pics from the plane on her iPhone. She's become iCar moreso these days.

I picked her up right after I got my hair done. It hasn't looked this good since. I hate the bangs and why does my nose look big here?

Her first official lobster in New England

I broke out the fur

We went to Heartthrob

We danced like we haven't danced in years

And I stalked the hip kids with my camera. I scared the little boy in this pic.

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Josh's 30th Birthday

*Also born on this day is Michelle, so a very happy birthday to her too!

We went to Upstairs on the Square, which looks like it was decorated with Betsey Johnson's blood by a gay zebra, with Josh, his family and his adorable GF, Willa.


Faking it

Michael salivating over the cheese selection

"...and that one, too, please".

Mike bought Josh a portable turntable. He says it's revolutionized his life.

Willa and her mann


But Where's the Pickle?

It's a surprise!

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