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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For Sarah

Bat For Lashes - Sarah

Not to be taken too literally, but sometimes I want to be like you...and live like you.

Tina, you should out this song as your ringtone.


New Years

We went to Lenox. It snowed a lot. Friends came and went and we all had fun.

Mike got new snow gear

Hugo wasn't feeling it

I beat Jesse and Mike at Monopoly. Actually, they quit before I could beat them.

Everyone who came by that long weekend learned how to play Cribbage. Except me and the elusive Hamilton.

Josh mastered the game quickly

We also played Scategories to Mike's discontent. Exciting, no?

There was a vegetarian chili cook off at some point which I did not partake in. However, Josh made some great brownies

The Japanese soaking tub was finally working too. It's now my new favorite thing out there.

It was super mellow that weekend, which we needed after holiday madness and the onset of opening the store...which will be happening February 18th now. I was also the only one who drank on New Year's. I was apparently obnoxious. I know, this is a fucking boring post. Deal.


Technical Difficulties

For whatever reason, it takes Blogger FOREVER to upload photos from iPhoto. At least in my experience. That's why I haven't posted. I'm trying to put together some fun pic posts from the holidays and it's just taking an obscene amount of time. And I've been working so that doesn't help with my productivity around these parts.

Hopefully pics will be up soon!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Holiday Game Night

Mike and I hosted a bunch of game nights in 2007. With a huge lapse from spring to now, we hosted our most successful game night the evening I returned from my parents' for the holidays.

Hugo's Uncle Tiki showed up!

So did Josh

The best game in the world

Matt's bro, Brian won his first time playing!

Meanwhile in the living room, a Wii doubles tennis tournament was going down

Mike kept it old school (I don't know what the hell that hyperlink is after that one pic, sorry!)

Josh wouldn't give up the pizza that Hugo couldn't stop staring at

Half of the game night crew

Jeep Jack & Microft reunite

True love

This is how everyone felt as they filed out of the apt single file one-by-one, which was kinda weird

P.S. As soon as I vocalized my unhappiness with how long the photos took to upload, they immediately began to upload significantly faster.


Aversion to Failure (Happy New Year!)

I've spent too many hours in cars driving form here to there, getting lost from there to there and making 5 more trips before getting back home. Holidays were lovely - surprised the hell out of my folks with a new TV (their reaction: "Are you high?"), hung out a lot with my HS BFF Abbey. But that's besides my point here.

Last year, my resolution was stop bitching about Boston. I had a terrible attitude toward my adopted city and I realized that I needed to change that around if I were to ever enjoy life here. Mission accomplished. But what about this year?

I have an aversion to failure. It's my biggest fear. I don't do a lot of things because I'm so petrified of failing. Is it because I'm a perfectionist? Or a Virgo? I mean, I'm one of the laziest people I know, but I always squash opportunities I can create for myself in the earliest stages simply because I think there's a chance (be it big or small) or failure. I don't want to waste time, money or embarrassment (I embarrass myself enough elsewhere in life). And all I ever say is that I need something to excite me to keep me productive. So really, what's the hold up?

Realizing that most success is the offspring of failure, I need to try. I need to stop holding off on things simply because I don't want that particular project to result as a failure. So my resolution is to stop getting in the way of myself, or allowing anyone else's opinions about whatever get in the way of what I want to do. That includes work, taking tap dancing lessons, how I dress and starting a jazz band with Shaka.

Only time will tell. Also, I got a new pretty red camera so expect lots more personal pics. Excitement all around.