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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

If I can motivate, I am buying a camera to show the world the genius that is Hugo in a lobster costume. I'll also buy more pumpkins (our original pumpkins deflated, ick) to carve tonight while watching Puppetmaster 4 and hopefully something a little more scary. I never know whether I should by candy because I've never had trick or treaters since I moved out of my parents house.

Yesterday, I saw a clown smoking a cigarette while riding a bike. He was clearly not going to the Red Sox rally.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"He who dies with the most toys wins"

The vixens over at Jezebel posted this hilarious pic (sorry so small) of Nigo of BApe infamy with his co-conspirator and Sarah Shirley lover, Pharell. Just look at his face!

Regardless, they linked to an endless story about Nigo in Portfolio that I couldn't bare to read. Basically, it explains the phenomenon that is Nigo and Bathing Ape for upper-middle class, possibly overweight white men (I can't let myself make a misogynistic comment in regards to the women in these men's lives if I'm linking to Jezebel). Snooze. What I do love is a picture of Nigo in his apt in Tokyo in a room full of toys such as Chairy from Pee-Wee's Playhouse, mulitple Gumby's, Sponge Bob and an ill painting of the Simpsons done by Kaws (I want it!). Nigo is a collector. And it just reminds me of my apartment, full of sneakers (no Bapesta's BTW), records, vinyl toys, movies, video games and the like.


Monday, October 29, 2007

On Anteaters...

This is possibly the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. It's slightly NSFW, if your boss has something against spiny anteater penis. You've been warned.

I don't know how we came about this, but for whatever reason, I had to show it because I can't stop talking about what I've seen. Science in action.


Moving Pictures

Over the weekend, as I lay in an supersized bed in the country, Mike discovered these short pieces of genius. Enjoy!

I left out the first one of the series because I thought the topic was weak. Check out Meth Minute and channelfrederator.com for more hilarity.


For Pratima

Don't wet yourself.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Insomniac Theatre

Reasons why I might still be awake at 5:15am:

choosing to take Excederin (which has caffeine) over Tylenol PM for a toothache
Full Moon
the flashing light on top of the cell phone tower outside my bedroom window that is silently giving me brain cancer
my wisdom teeth are coming in
muscle fatigue from the Power Sculpt class I took tonight
too much on my mind, in a good way
airplane traffic to Logan directed over our apt

I went to bed at 11:30, passed out immediately, and have been up since Mike came to bed at 1:30. I just want to have a productive day tomorrow before we head west for Lenox, again. $10 I'll sleep the morning away.

P.S. Meatwad popped up when I Google Imaged "insomniac theatre". How could I not put him up?

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2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest

It's that time of year again...

I was at Target today and saw a similar hot dog costume (only better!) to the one above and I can't stop thinking about buying it for my parent's dog, Schultz. He's pretty obese, so hopefully, if it's still there tomorrow, it will fit him. I figure this will be an entertaining holiday gift to my parents to make up for not coming home all month.

Tomorrow, I also plan on buying a new camera since mine is old, grey and missing in action. Well, at least the charger is. This way I can post pics of Hugo's costume so he can perhaps beat out last year's winner, Miss Patty Deegan (sidenote: Pats, I googled your name and after 2 pages of "Patty Deegan, PhD", I came across the real you, linked to a post I wrote about chavs and bogans).

So, ADHD aside (which I'm blaming on my insomnia, which I'm blaming on the full moon), please send me pics of your awesome Halloween costumes. Pervs need not apply and you should know how to contact me otherwise.

Conor, this could be your year...


Achilles Project in Boston Magazine

More press. Opening day is just weeks away and everyone is bracing themselves for opening. I had a mini-freakout when I first saw this last month just because it's becoming so real after talking and hearing so much about it.

Check out progress for yourself at The Achilles Project.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back Home

I've been really lazy the past three days, but before that I was busy, I swear.

I was swept up to Maine for photoshoot. I was expecting the worst and got the best. Best crew, best time, piece-of-cake shoot. It was the coldest day since May in Portland last Monday, but by the time I was getting in my car for a 4 1/2 hour drive to the Berkshires, it was rainy and 70 degrees.

The stylist I worked with was hilarious. I'll post pics of "Chairman Wow" as soon as I receive. All the assistants kept the on-going horror movie plot going and we shot in a beautiful former girls camp on a lake in the Sebago Lakes Region. Portland surprised me by being pretty cool (well, everything was closed by the time we rolled in, but there looked to be some good record shops) and the food was seriously good. With the exception of the client dinner, every meal was superb. The last night we discovered a cool neighborhood that the locals called "shady" (uh, then I live in a shady neighborhood by Portland standards).

After driving through a hell of a rain storm, I arrived in Lenox to be greeted by Hugo, Mike and the Stickler-Kean's. And a bottle of Veuve. We went apple picking, played ping pong at a friend's house (Jersey v. Mass - Jersey rules! Yeah Jesse!), went pumpkin picking and cooked a bunch. Then Callie came and we played a lot of games. Mike proved to be the master of Clue, with his supersleuth ways. The way his mind works at these things amazes me and I want him to write a short story about winning at Clue. In related news, we're going back to Lenox this weekend to catch the last show of the Sherlock Holmes play at Shakespeare & Co.

The theme of last week was stoking fires. I'm great at stoking fires. Too bad fires in 80 degree weather don't do much.

Thanks to the World Series (go Sox), there's nothing on TV except the episode of Family Guy where Meg is a lesbian and Stewie's ear gets bitten off by a deer. Genius.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Praise Me

Month's ago I wrote a response to an article I read in New York Magazine about being overly praised as a child. Well, while searching Technorati for a work project, I put myself, well, this blog, in and it came up with an authority of 1. Not having a clue what that means really, I went on to see what it was about.

Just another small step of building the hype. I should post more in response to their articles. I've got a great conspiracy theory on the recent Norman Mailer article.


Friday, October 12, 2007


I've realized that perhaps more then 4 people read this. I know a few friends do (shouts to you!) but I find myself regularly reading other people's random blogs too. I wonder if there's any random readers here and how they found it.

For me, it started with The Imaginary Socialite (she's the head of Fashionista and Callie and I refer to her as our invisible friend because we love her and would be her best friend if we knew her). From there, I clicked on a few of her links and links from there - Ultragrrrl, I Keep A Diary, Gurj B, Ellen's Social Cavity, I Hate Brad Walsh, Tenuous at Best. Thanks to Gawker/Jezebel, I'm obsessed with College Callgirl as well. And the funny thing about most of these blogs is that they don't think anyone reads it.

Perhaps it's the voyeur in me. Everybody likes to know what other people do. Maybe that's why I try to maintain this. Because there's some bored kid in Colorado who thinks I'm fascinating. Doubt it. Maybe I just want the world to know that the current DA on Law & Order SVU was a suspect in a man-rape in an earlier episode. Ever see that?


Guilty Pleasures

Again, no particular order:

Gossip Girl
How It's Made
Ayo, Technology
Urban Outfitters
Tag guns
To-do lists


Things I Like

In no particular order:

Hummus (that gives me an idea...)
Sweet potato soup
Knocked Up
Health insurance
Curtains by Callista
French fries and artichokes at Rocca (with garlic mayo)
French toast at Gaslight
Tony at The Liberty
Oil of Olay
Glo-to-sleep mask

Funny how most of this has to do with food. I don't think I like fake chicken and brocolli. At least not tonight.


Things I Don't Like

In no particular order:

Lil' Wayne
Strange phone numbers
Fast Lane violations
Eating healthy
Cleaning everyday
Boston nightlife



I've come to admit to myself that I've become a flake. I had a friend a few years ago that my roomate at the time, Pratima, and I would call Mayor McCheese because he was a cross between that guy who knows everyone and the biggest frosty flake on earth. I blame his influence on my flakiness. It's inexcusable. But everyone does it. I need to drop the guilt.

Regardless, it's a craptactualar eve here in the Bean. I had the dog sleeping in my sweatshirt with me and the cat on top of him. Now I'm convincing myself I like fake chicken, again. Alfredo sauce helps.